The Voice UK 2014: Episode 5 Recap

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It's the fifth round of auditions and with the pressure growing for all the coaches (including me), will any singers join any of our teams?

Last weekend Jai and Rachael O'Connor joined Team Midas, taking my total to six....and yes, they may all be women.

My own swivel red chair is becoming as famous as the real ones. Can I please reiterate, it is not for sale at any price but please ask again in a few weeks when auditions finish, as I will no doubt be looking to upgrade for the next season.

Restaurant manager Steven Alexander was up for starters and no denying that he can sing. He just didn't wow me enough to turn my chair. Ms Minogue disagreed and Steven joins Team Kylie.

Will horse loving Fiona Kelly jump in to the next round. Well no, she sadly fell at the first hurdle. The nerves were there for all to hear. With coaching and controlling those nerves, I think Fiona should audition for another show (cough) BGT.

I warmed to Chris Royal during his VT and was hoping for a big performance. What a voice, stunning.  It sounds great now, imagine it with some coaching. I turned my chair very quickly, he is one to watch. Chris joins Team Ricky and right everyone sit down, Team Midas...we have a man on our team.

Next up were two returning contestants Nick Dixon and Elesha.

Nick didn't get through last year and even though he did much better, it wasn't enough and his journey ends again at the first audition. Nick do me a huge favour, do not give up. You will get there

I have to be honest, I really didn't like Elesha's audition. It was too low for her and off key at times. My chair stayed put but Sir Tom hit his buzzer at the last minute and Elesha joins his team.

Will military wife Lucy Winter have a voice for all seasons? It was good but it wasnt great. I agreed with the judges it was all a bit forced. No one turned and Lucy is out.

Judo proffprofessionalMurphy came out fighting and was hoping to knock us all out with a phenomenal vocal performance. It started low but he quickly got going and I really liked it. My chair didn't turn but Ricky's did and he joins his team

Irish dancer Joe Keegan followed and what an amazing voice and very easy on the ear. I could listen to him all day. I turned my chair, alongside Kylie and Ricky. If any producers or writers want a genuine talent, bear this kid in mind. Joe joins Team Kylie and Team Midas.

James Bryon followed and although he has an amazing voice, it really isn't my style of music and that's why I never turned my chair. Good luck though James with Team Will.

A small montage of singers who didn't make it followed and they were all hard to judge because of their limited air time.

Will waitress Jade Mayjean Peters clean up and make all four (five) coaches turn there chairs? Simple answer is yes. Amazing vocal and well OK just a little bit pretty. In fact it took all the male judges quite a while to even talk, once they had seen her. Putting that aside Jade does have a good voice and is a major threat. Jade joins Team Kylie.

Last up was 25 year old Femi Santiago with a heart warming story and a lesson for us all. Whatever ever life throws at you. Never give up. Another singer tonight who made singing sound easy. It was effortless and I am so glad Will turned his chair as it would have been a travesty had Femi gone home.

Chris Royal and Joe Keegan join Sophie, Anna, Jai, Georgia, Lesher and Rachael on Team Midas.

Right, I'm off to get Joe to learn me some Irish dancing....see you next week.

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