The Voice 2014: Seven surprising look-a-likes from this year's show

The Voice

The Voice 2014 is nearing it's blind auditions stages but have we seen some of the acts before?

41 acts have currently made it through the blind audition stages to the battle rounds and some seem to bear some resemblance to other famous stars.

Tell us what you think and share your own in the comments below!

Gemyni and Leona Lewis

Both members of twin duo Gemyni seem to look like the former X Factor winner, but will they have the same success as her? No. Probably not.


Jazz Bates-Chambers and Angela Griffin

These pair don't just look similar they're also sound-a-likes.


Jimmy Weston and a fatter Ricky Wilson

Back before Ricky got his current glam makeover, he looked uncannily like one of his own acts.

the-voice-2014-lookalikes-1 and this shed


Sir Tom Jones and God

At least, that's according to this year's Voice hopeful Beth McCarthy.

Georgia Harrup and a pretty Ugly Betty


Amrick Channa and George Michael

If the Wham! singer were to ever give Sikhism a try...

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