The Voice 2014 judges: Kylie Minogue wants ladies tonight!

Kylie Minogue (The Voice UK)

Kylie Minogue is out to get some girls on her team on The Voice 2014 tonight.

So far Kylie's team of four is all male and she's keen to address the balance.

Speaking before the auditions begin, Kylie says: "I'm looking for some strong girl voices, I want to increase my lady quota."

She adds: "I need to have some chicks on my team."

However things don't quite go to plan as Sir Tom Jones picks up a seventh girl to add to his ever growing team.

The Welsh legend is seen once again using his experience to his advantage... along with plenty of name dropping, from touring with Etta James to singing with Elvis Presley.

"He's met everyone!" exclaims.

Ricky Wilson jokes: "He's real deal, you can't argue with that... he's met Jessie J!"

Will meanwhile teases that he's "holding back" as he once again resists the temptation to press the buzzer for numerous acts.

"I'm holding back, we've still got more auditions to come they [the other coaches] have not seen me fight yet," the Black Eyed Peas star remarks.

The Voice 2014 blind auditions air tonight from 7:10PM on BBC One.

Browse snaps of this evening's show below...

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