The Voice UK: Georgia Harrup doesn't want to be known as 'Adele's cousin'

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Georgia Harrup wants to get away from her 'cousin of Adele' branding on The Voice UK.

Perhaps if only because the pair are so loosely related, it's barely worth mentioning.

Despite a rather big deal being made about the wannabe singer's links to the famous British songstress in the weekend's show, the distant relatives have only ever met once as kids.

“If she [Adele] was to get in touch, that would be out of this world!” Georgia said following her audition at the weekend.

Asked if she felt under pressure due to her famous relative, she added: “I wouldn’t say pressure. But I have to try to stay away from it, because I want to be myself.”

Also hoping to make a name for herself on the BBC One series this year is Vicky Jones, seemingly currently better known only as Danny from McFly's sister.

"I love Danny and his success has been amazing. I'm even going to perform at his upcoming wedding," Vicky told Closer magazine this week. "But I don't want to just be known as his sister any more - I want to make a name for myself and come a singer in my own right"

Meanwhile Georgia has revealed that it was Dog The Bounty Hunter who inspired her to lose almost half of her body weight over the past five years.

The now petite size eight singer explained: "The person on that show says you can do anything you want to, and that to achieve it you become that person.”

“At my heaviest, I weighed just over 16st. It took over five years.”

The Voice UK continues next Saturday night on BBC One.

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