The Voice 2014 under fire for sob stories and novelty acts

Ricky Wilson (The Voice 2014)

The Voice 2014 is under fire from critics over sob stories and novelty acts.

It was previously claimed that this year's third series of the show would be a bit less serious and more fun.

But it seems that the line between the BBC One programme and rivals like The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent is becoming ever blurred.

Viewers have complained over the weekend's latest audition show which saw one act - funnyman Si Genaro - spend ten minutes on stage including performing his own original track Chicken Train, all despite no chairs turning.

On the other hand acts that did impress the judges - such as 30-year-old Celestine - didn't get more than a minute's air time.

One viewer wrote online: "Oh dear...and I thought The Voice did not allow joke acts...

Another joked: " Did he miss the x-factor set?"

Other complaints have focused on the amount of sob stories given by the contestants, although of course the coaches are unaware of them as they make a decision on whether or not to turn for an artist.

One tweeter asked: "The Voice isn’t meant to be like The X Factor. Why the sob stories?”

New Voice UK coach Ricky Wilson previously insisted that the show would not see novelty acts in the later stages of the competition like its rivals.

"We don't rely on the novelty of people being there that shouldn't be there later on," he said. "It gets to everyone's getting better and better, and it's going down to the best singer.

"So if you want to watch a show where the person who wins it at the end is the best singer and it's happened like a graph, then this is the show for you. If you don't, if you want to see people making fools of themselves, then you can go to other stations."

What do you make of the complaints? Is the more 'fun' Voice better this year or should they ditch the novelty acts and focus purely on the talent? Add your comments below!

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