The Voice UK: Ricky Wilson thinks show is a credible way of making career

Ricky Wilson

The Voice 2014 coach Ricky Wilson has insisted that reality shows are becoming more credible.

The Kaiser Chiefs singer will join the panel of The Voice UK this year in place of Danny O'Donoghue and has been forced to defend his decision to sign up.

Ricky claimed that the BBC series was a good way to launch a career, even if it wasn't necessarily considered the "proper" way by some.

"Times are changing," he began. “There used to be a proper way to do things and that’s what a lot of people from the alternative world say, you know ‘You’ve got to do it the proper way, you’ve got to go up the M1 500 times before you even step in a studio or meet anyone from the record industry’.

“The way we did it was seen as the proper way, but the proper way is running out because the options for these guys are getting smaller and smaller because the internet is getting bigger and bigger.”

And of course, spending your weekends sitting next to Kylie Minogue is an offer hard to turn down.

Ricky said: “I heard Kylie was doing it then I was asked and I thought, ‘That sounds like a nice way to spend your Saturday’.”

The show starts this Saturday night on BBC One with the blind auditions.

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