The Voice 2014 coaches: got Kylie Minogue to sign up (The Voice 2013)

It was who managed to persuade Kylie Minogue to join The Voice UK 2014, it's been revealed.

The new series kicks off on Saturday night on BBC one with the introduction of Kylie in place of Jessie J, while Kaiser Chief's Ricky Wilson also joins the show after Danny O'Donoghue quit last year too.

Kylie had originally been approached to appear as a coach in the first series back in 2012, but turned down an offer from the Beeb.

"It mustn’t have been the right time because I literally lost sleep back then. I really felt a lot of pressure and I didn’t know what the right decision was," she said today. “You know it’s a big opportunity. My record company were really keen for me to do it. But I went with what I felt and that was the right decision because this feels great, it really feels like it’s the right time."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Kylie told how it was Will who got her to finally agree after "bombing" a meeting with producers.

“I had a meeting and Mr bombed it. I just had one question really, after hearing about stats from the show and whatever. My question to Will was ‘how was the experience?’ I wanted to know, what does it feel like?" Kylie said. “He said he loved the experience, he learnt a lot about himself. So long story short, I thought OK, that’s cool. Yes, I haven’t had an experience like this before.”

Meanwhile, told the newspaper how he was also holding out from signing up for a third series until he new of Jessie and Danny's replacements.

The Black Eyed Peas star explained: “Each one [contestant] wants to possess what Kylie’s accomplished and no one on the panel last year could provide that to the singers. So I was thinking, ‘Wow, Kylie would actually be awesome because she’s the only person in contemporary music that has that experience’.

“So, I was like, ‘let me see if Kylie does it. If she says yes, then I’ll say yes’.”

The Voice 2014 starts on Saturday, January 11 on BBC One.

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