The Voice 2014: Jessie J wants another female to replace her

Jessie J (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach Jessie J has said she wants another powerful women to replace her on the series next year.

The BBC confirmed yesterday that Jessie had quit The Voice, and would not be back on the panel for next Spring's third series.

Explaining her decision to leave, Jessie said: "I'm not doing it, no. No I'm not. Because there's 42 days I've been asked to clear my diary and I'm on tour for 40 of them. So there is no way that I can fit it into my diary, so… I have no idea what the other coaches are doing but I will not be coming back to The Voice next year."

But she insisted there were no hard feelings, continuing: "I loved it. I really enjoyed myself for all of the new experiences, the things that you enjoy that you didn't think you were going to enjoy but you did, all the people I've met."

Jessie told Glamour magazine: "It's very interesting to see so many different sides of it. When you're the person that everyone's looking at, there are so many things you don't see, and when you're the person that's looking, there are things that you notice that you didn't know before."

And asked who she wanted to replace her on the show, Jessie took a swipe at The X Factor's Tulisa sex tape!

She laughed: "Somebody that's going to work hard, be themselves and is a great singer. That's it, I just ask for it to be a female who can really blow. And I mean in the singing sense. Ha ha ha!"

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