The Voice UK's shambolic excuse for a final left much room for improvement


As much as we’ve tried to love The Voice UK, once again this year’s final proved to be a let down.

The show’s close to getting there, but it seemed that little was learnt in the last year since the end of the previous series.

Let's start off with that performance by the coaches, who are apparently meant to be some of the biggest and best performers in showbiz... yet they gave arguably the worst performance this series. Perhaps more worryingly, it wasn't even live, with the four piece having pre-recorded their number the day before and it was still woefully dreadful.

However that may not necessarily be the coaches' fault, with the sound of this year's series being all over the place throughout the live shows. Having watched one episode live in the studio, it's a completely different experience and one which doesn't seem to translate back home. Although we must admit, this does seem to be a problem suffered by The X Factor and similar live shows as well.

Moving on with the rant and there was the show's bizarre filler, which we've come to expect from these sort of shows... but just what was up with a VT of random people talking about how brilliant the show was? We'd have rather watched the adverts ITV show.

The celebrity performances also helped to pad out the final, but we can't help but feel that producers could've got some bigger - or at least more original - names than Michael Buble and Robbie Williams, who both seem to make their all of their record sales off the back of performances on reality telly finals.


Then there were the finalists themselves, who - because of nerves or something else - just didn't seem that great. Brilliant singers, no doubt, but the performances were very much all over the place and just lacked any real spark,'s amazing tap dancing breakdown aside.

The format of the results also leaves much room for improvement: Fourth placed act Matt Henry seemed to get more attention than the second and third placed acts, and we still don't know exactly who finished where when it comes to those two positions. Poor Leah and Mike didn't even get the chance to comment after the winner was announced and even in the case of Andrea, it felt like seconds between the results and the credits rolling.

Once again the promotion of the winner's song was little more than a quick comment, and even that appears to have been announced incorrectly. Andrea's cover of Angel isn’t available to download yet, but then when the hosts get the year out by a decade there's not much hope of them getting a song title right.


But the biggest issue of the final was that the show had formed a split personality. On the one hand, it's called The Voice and we had coaches like Danny O'Donoghue promoting this time and time again. But then hosts Holly and Reggie, with the help of both Jessie and Will, instead emphasized that the show was after a 'star'. Which is it? Well, in theory, it should all be about The Voice, but it's clear that at least some of the team realise that to be successful does require a bit more than that. We guess that "The Voice and a bit more of something else" is just not a catchy title.

That all being said we are still rather delighted that the BBC has given the series a third chance and hopefully next year we’ll have less to complain about.

Browse pictures of Saturday night's Voice UK final below...

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