The Voice 2013 winner will be a success, promise coaches

The Voice UK 2013 - Coaches

The Voice UK coaches have vowed to make sure whoever wins the show tonight WILL become a success.

Andrea Begley, Leah McFall, Matt Henry and Mike Ward will be going head to head on Saturday night as they compete to be crowned winner of The Voice 2013.

And whoever comes out on top, this year the panel have admitted they've learned from how Leanne Mitchell's career (of sorts) was handled lastyear.

"After the show’s finished everyone should be scrambling to make sure the person that won has a shot at the radio," explained. “Because that’s what the promise it. The promise isn’t just a record deal, the promise is a career.

"After last year, I take that stuff serious and personal. We’re on TV saying ‘we’re gonna fight for you, you need to be on my team’.

"So what are you doing? Was it just a crock of bull because your back was turned and when you turn around you got to say something because the camera’s on you? I ain’t one of those guys."

He added: “These are people’s freaking dreams and aspirations. If I can’t make all my creative colleagues dizzy with the things I’m passionate about, then I shouldn’t be doing this freaking show.”

Jessie J meanwhile revealed she too would be taking a personal interest if Matt won the series.

“I feel like his manager. I will sit with my label, afterwards, and chat with them. He’s not just theirs, no way," she revealed. "Sorry, he’s not a piece of meat that’s going to be sold, he’s a human being.

"I’ve been a huge part of his journey to this point and I will not back down. Sorry.”

And Danny O'Donoghue said Andrea would have an album out before Christmas if he gets his way.

"I’ll work hand in hand with Universal to try and lead the way," he remarked. “That’s what we learned from last year – if you’re not ready to capitalise on it, it’ll fall down on you. "

The Voice 2013 final airs tonight from 7PM on BBC One.

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