The Voice 2013: Leah McFall, Karl Michael dating?

Leah McFall (The Voice UK)

The Voice 2013 artists Karl Michael and Leah McFall are apparently dating, although they insisted it's just a friendship!

We're not entirely sure where the Team Danny and Team Will singer have found the time to get together during the live shows, with constant rehearsals, interviews and filming.

But sources backstage on the show, being filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, say that Karl has been taken by not only the unique voice of Leah but also her unique looks.

Although the Belfast student herself admitted recently she doesn't consider herself the trendiest of people, describing her style as "looking like a furby".

A supposed insider claimed: "Karl has a lot of female fans, but it is Leah who turned his dead - and they are very flirty."

They added: "He has even asked her out for dinner."

However Leah insisted this week:Me and Karl are great friends, but that's all."

She told DigitalSpy: "We had a great laugh though because that's my first romance rumour. I don't think your career has properly started unless there's a rumour about you going out with someone else."

Last weekend saw Leah sail through the quarter finals as Will's wildcard, while Karl had to wait nervously to see if the public would save him against Mitchell.

This weekend will see the pair perform live for a second time, and both will be competing for one last spot in their respective teams for the final at the end of the month.

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