The Voice 2013: Jessie J bans her team from Twitter (or tries to!)

The Voice UK 2013 - Jessie J

The Voice UK coach Jessie J has said she's banned her artists from Twitter.

Or at least had a good go at trying!

Jessie's team was cut to just two on Friday as Scottish beauty Sarah Cassidy bowed out of the competition in the first results show of the series.

It leaves just Matt Henry and Ash Morgan, but Jessie confessed she's had to unfollow the pair on the social networking website because they're just too much for even her!

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Jessie said she feared her artists would be getting to distracted by the messages, good and bad.

“I have said to the team don’t be obsessed with Twitter, I’ve even unfollowed some of them because it gets too much – it’s constant," she said. “I want to say to them not to get too obsessed with it because it’s 10% of the world, it’s not real.

“You have to focus on what’s in front of you and not get distracted.”

However Jessie J has already taken to Twitter herself to hit out at the latest press reports.

She tweeted her fans yesterday: "The lives begin and so does the bulls**t in the press. I hope you are all seeing how this works now. I certainly am. Lazy journalists! Should be called "gossip" or "lies" tonight coz boy I don't see any TRUE news!"

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