The Voice 2013: Five ways to boost ratings for the live shows

The Voice UK 2013 - Coaches

The ratings for The Voice 2013 live shows are struggling to match even last year's numbers, so what can be done to boost viewers?

Just over 4 million viewers tuned in for last Friday night's first live show of this year's series, and less than 4 million bothered to stick around for the results, throwing the show into crisis just days after the BBC announced a third series.

But with producers being given a third shot at making the format work, we've got a few suggestions that we feel will help get ratings up when it comes to the live shows.

Keep the scheduling consistent

This year's Voice has been all over the place, not helped by the one week off due to Eurovison. The auditions aired at various times, from 6PM through to gone 8:30PM, the battles started on Saturday and Sunday, but then moved to just Saturday, and the live shows kicked off on a Friday, before moving back to Saturday. The show needs a consistent time slot, but more importantly we still think it'd do better airing in January rather than in the Spring against Britain's Got Talent.

Forget the teams for eliminations

Eliminations should see the least popular acts go overall, rather than those who simply have the fewest votes in their team. If it means that a coach has no artists in the final, or one coach still has all three left, so be it.

Make sure the coaches know what's going on

Friday night's first live show was a bit of a farce, as neither Sir Tom Jones nor Jessie J appeared to have been advised on how the fast pass twist would work. There was an awkward moment when Jessie seemingly chose Matt Henry, when she eventually decided on Ash Morgan, and Sir Tom found himself being spoken over By Holly as the confusion continued.

More live shows, less eliminations

This year the live shows feel like a rushed attempt to try and get a winner as fast as possible. Eliminating four acts in one go is too much to follow and we get next to no time to get to know any of the finalists before it's all over.


Will's attempt to try and reveal his fast pass choice via Twitter was taking his tech loving to new extremes, and it just didn't work. Not only was it a tad rude to the artists, it completely ruined any build up and tension, not to mention confuse everyone from us viewers to Will's fellow coaches and stars.

What would you change about The Voice? Add your comments below!

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