The Voice 2013 UK: causes chaos backstage on the live shows (The Voice 2013)

The Voice UK coach caused chaos during the live shows at the weekend, as he messed around on his phone.

Black Eyed Peas star Will made no secret of tweeting throughout the live finals last year, despite anger from bosses.

Will said at the time: "[The producers] said, 'You’re tweeting', I said 'Yeah', they said, 'Maybe you shouldn’t', so I said 'No'.

“There are 3 things happening: People are watching at their home, on their computer, on their phone and maybe even their tablet.

“If we’re only paying attention to the TV screen then we’re ignoring this whole generating who are absorbing content in a different way.”

And this year he's become even more brazen with his tweeting, even deciding to reveal the result of his fast pass choice online.

Will was seen on Friday night getting on stage to take a picture of the act he wanted to send straight through to the semi-finals, which turned out to be Leah McFall.

But the move frustrated producers, who ere fanatically trying to get Will to speak to host Holly Willoughy to keep the show on time.

Holly quipped during the show: "I think Twitter will know before we do!"

Will's tweeting also appeared to annoy his fellow stars, with host Reggie telling him during rehearsals: "Will you put that phone down!"

Viewers have also hit out at Will for being "rude" to the artists by deciding to tweet during their performances, rather than watch.

Although we're not sure much will change when the live shows continue this Saturday, it seems no one can control Will!

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