The Voice 2013: Our top three battle round performances!

Leah v CJ

The Voice UK 2013 battle rounds kicked off at the weekend, and we've picked our top three favourites!

So far the battles have proved to be a lot better than last year, with the performances this series no longer turning into shouting matches.

That said, no one has yet managed to measure up to Bill Downs and Max Milner's epic musical duel from the last series.

Saturday and Sunday saw twelve performances and these are our top three picks, be sure to agree or disagree in the comments!

CJ Edwards v Leah McFall

CJ Edwards and Leah McFall's performance showed that the battles need not turn into shouting matches or bitter fueds, with the pair giving a fun take on a Michael Jackson number. It's just a shame that both couldn't go through!

Conor Scott v Smith & Jones

If we're honest, neither Conor nor Smith & Jones particularly stood out going into the battles, but their battle turned into one of the best performances of the weekend. The trio covered Some Nights by Fun but it was less of a duel and more of a collaboration, we'd be first to download the track if they released it tomorrow.

Ash Morgan v Adam Barron

An epic vocal performance form both Ash Morgan and Adam Barron saw both of them through to the knockouts, which left us happy. It's not quite up there with Max and Bill from last year, but it came pretty close as the two guys went all out to be Jessie J's first choice.

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