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The Voice 2013 UK wasn't on our tellys at the weekend, but it's explosive comeback is just a few days away.

The Voice will return to BBC One this Saturday for the last of the battle rounds and it's sure to be an episode you don't want to miss. and Jessie J were seen clashing in last week's preview, with Danny O'Donoghue branding the Black Eyed Peas star an "idiot".

Exactly what went down is still to be revealed, but Will confessed things got heated.

"There was one point where my team came in and expressed concerns on the banter between the coaches," he admitted. "I am the most unconfrontational man in the world, it is not my style but that was the first time they have ever seen that side of me and they were like, 'Will, what are you doing?'"

Will went on: "They pulled me back in the dressing room and told me that I should not be doing that. They said it certainly didn't look like banter.

"When you are competing and you wanted something and you see Jessie wants what I want, you are a different person and it is hard to control that. We all take it very seriously. It is hard to control something when you are fighting for someone.

Will however insists that everything on the show is real, including the arguments.

"It is not for the sake of TV," he said. "I remember on the first day, before the cameras went on, they asked us to turn it up for TV and I remember telling Jessie, 'I am not going to do something just for TV, that is fake'."

The Voice UK continues on May 25 on BBC One.

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