The Voice UK 2013 boss defends 'professional' acts

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The Voice 2013 producer Maria Ross has defended having 'professional' acts on the show.

There's been some controversy over the show mixing ametuers alongside those who had previously had record deals and even numerous albums.

But boss Ross reckons the mix is what makes the show so good.

"The voice is a completely level playing field for everybody and it is based on the voice and the voice alone," she explained. "The coaches know absolutely nothing about each contestants previous history and base their sole decision on whether they like the way they sounds at that moment."

Ross continued: "It's utterly fair for everybody. The show should be about optimum talens. It doesn't matter whether they're 17 and having a go for the first time or whether they are 57 and having a go for the last time.

"The point is if they are talented they deserve a chance."

While the auditions did see plenty of pro acts, it's fair to say not many have made it through so far.

Many - such as Hear'Say's Danny Foster and Bucks Fizz singer Jay Aston - didn't even make it past the first round.

And the likes of Nate James have been cut in some surprise decisions in the battles ahead of more 'fresh' talent.

The Voice UK continues next Saturday from 7:10PM.

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