The Voice 2013 UK battle results: Round Two recap!

Nate v Lovelle

Here's a run of the second Voice 2013 battle round results, as the second twelve acts entered the arena.

As with last night's show, each coach had paired up two of their artists against one another on one performance and had to decide who to keep in the competition.

Kicking things off tonight was a battle of the girls on Team Will and an unusual pairing as conventional popstar Leanne Jarvis went up against operatic duo Barbara and Carla on a cover of Hero by Mariah Carey. Will's rival coaches blasted the song choice, while Sir Tom admitted Carla and Barbara scared him!

When it came to the decision, Will played it safe with Leanne and the blonde beauty went through to the knockouts, while there were no steals for Carla and Barabara.

Sir Tom Jones paired Elise Evans with Cherelle Basquine next, and the young duo took on a Pixie Lott song, something we can't ever imagine Sir Tom listening to himself! In rehearsals it looked like this would be an easy win for Elise, as she bonded with Sir Tom and even sang with him.

However when it came to the all important decision, Sir Tom went with Cherlle, to the shock of his rival coaches. Jessie in particular was surprised, exclaiming: "Really?!"


On to Team Jessie next and the Laserlight singer admitted to the cameras she may have made a mistake by choosing duo De'Vide as they struggled in training. The pair were seen battling Danny County on a Drake hit, and failed to progress through to the next round.

Back on Team Will and CJ Edwards faced Leah McFall in a battle over Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel. It was a pretty epic performance and Will was left deciding between which of the pair weren't just "dope" but "mega dope", and that proved to be Leah.

Nate James then battled Lovelle Hill as the pair performed No Air by Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks for Jessie J. The other coaches were't too won over by the song choice, claiming it was less of a battle and more of a duet. Jessie had a tough time deciding who to take through to the knockouts, saying her surprise decision to ditch Nate was because she felt she could coach Lovelle better.


Finally it was duo Smith & Jones up against Conor Scott on Team Danny, and the trio really seemed to hit it off, with Will suggesting they form a new group together! However The Voice is only for solos and duos, which meant that one act had to go. In the end, Danny sided with Conor and Smith & Jones became the sixth and final act of the night to fail to attract a steal.

So after the second round of battles, here's how the teams shape up...

Team Tom
Jamie Bruce
Adam Barron (Stolen from Jessie)
Cherelle Basquine

Team Jessie
Ash Morgan
Sarah Cassidy
Matt Henry (Stolen from Will)
Danny County
Lovelle Hill

Team Will
Cleo Higgins
Jordan Lee Davies
Leanne Jarvis
Leah McFall

Team Danny
Andrea Begley
Conor Scott

The Voice UK battles continue next weekend on BBC One.

Browse our gallery of the second round of battles below...

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