The Voice 2013 UK battle results: Round One recap!

Ash v Adam

The Voice 2013 UK battle rounds kicked off tonight and here's our results recap of the first round!

In the Battles each Coach must pair up their acts to sing against each other in a vocal showdown to decide who will progress to the next stage.

After each Battle, the Artists’ own Coach must decide who will progress to the next round and who to send home.

But this year, there's an extra twist.

After each Battle, it’s not quite over for the losing Artist. In a dramatic new change to the format, the Coaches can “Steal” a losing Artist for their own team. So if they missed out on an Artist they loved during the Blind Auditions, now’s their chance to finally grab them for their team.

First up it was Jordan Lee Davies and Matt Henry for Team Will, who performed Do I Do by Stevie Wonder together.

Will described the pair's moves as "Tom Cruise with shoes" before making the surprise decision to save Jordan, to the shock of his fellow coaches.

But Will revealed: "If I pick Jordan, they'll want to steal Matt. I care about getting my singer's through, not just through on my team."

And the risk paid off, with both Jessie and Sir Tom pressing their buzzers to steal Matt. With the power back in his hands, Team Jessie beat Sir Tom to scoop the 'loser' of the battle.

Also battling on Team Will tonight was Nu Tarna and Cleo Higgins, and the trio's messy performance left Jessie J with a headache. Will however insisted it was a good battle but there wasn't any tactics this time as he chose to take Cleo through to the next round.

On Team Danny and Andrea Begley took on Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow, but Alice was concerned that the song - People Help The People by Birdy - put Andrea at a huge advantage.


After the battle and Will described both girls as giving an "angelic, beautiful and amazing" performance, while Danny said his decision to save Andrea was based "on the hairs on the back of my neck". Unfortunately for Alice there were no steals from Danny's rival coaches, leaving her to bow out of the competition.

Over on Team Tom and Jamie Bruce was put against LB Robinson on an U2 duet, and the epic performance saw the coaches split. Jessie and Danny suggested LB won the fight, but it was Sir Tom's decision and he backed Jamie, with no coaches buzzing to steal LB.

Team Jessie tonight saw a battle of the girls with Katie Benbow and Sarah Cassidy singing together on ET by Kat Perry.


Katie admitted she was finding it difficult to make the song her own, while a confident Sarah was also seen shedding a tear as the pressure of the performance mounted.

Jessie confessed she had "no idea" who she was going to pick, before finally deciding to keep Sarah in the competition, arguing that it was the 31-year-old's "last chance".

Finally, it was early favourite Ash Morgan against Adam Barron, which also left Jessie torn. Sir Tom remarked: "I'm glad I don't have to make the choice, you were equally as good."

Jessie went with Ash, and both Sir Tom and Danny were quick to try and steal Adam without him even having to pitch to the panel.

It was a hard decision for Adam to choose between the two, but he eventually decided to jump ship to Team Tom.

So after the first battles, here's how the teams shape up...

Team Tom
Jamie Bruce
Adam Barron (Stolen from Jessie)

Team Jessie
Ash Morgan
Sarah Cassidy
Matt Henry (Stolen from Will)

Team Will
Cleo Higgins
Jordan Lee Davies

Team Danny
Andrea Begley

The Voice UK battles continue with round two tomorrow night on BBC One from 7PM.

Browse pictures of the first Voice 2013 battles below...

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