The Voice 2013: says no one would turn for him on the show!

The Voice UK 2013 -

The Voice 2013 coach has admitted he would have no chance of winning the show were he to compete.

The Black Eyed Peas star previously confessed he wouldn't want to enter the series, saying he wouldn't stand a chance of winning.

And this week Will felt his chances were even worse, saying he probably wouldn't even get people to turn around for him.

"If I went up on The Voice or The X Factor or American Idol … I wouldn’t go through. They wouldn’t pick me," he said.

Will, who released his new album this month, suggested that there would need to be a new show to find people like him!

He went on: “The format’s not called The Artist … That show doesn’t exist.”

But despite his complaints about the format, Will still reckons The Voice is a winning show.

“When you’re hearing a demo, you’re really not looking at a person, you’re hearing … if that person has star quality in their voice. The looks are second," he explained. “Now, if the record industry was only looking for, like, pencil [thin] models, then there would never be an Aretha Franklin.

"If the music industry was only looking for the physique that could wear Victoria Secrets, then there would never be a Patti LaBelle.”

“So this format, The Voice, is a healthy execution of what the music industry should work like.”

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