The Voice UK 2013 blind auditions: Episode 6 results recap

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The Voice UK coaches have chose the final seven artists to make up their teams in tonight's last round of Blind Auditions.

The limited amount of spaces meant the foursome gave careful thought before pressing their buzzers, with Tom Jones explaining: "You don't want to turn too soon, but you don't want to wait too long either."

Jones was in the toughest position alongside Danny O'Donoghue, as each had already found eleven acts - meaning they could accept only one more each.

The Welsh legend managed to get 21-year-old Filipino Joseph Apostol - who emigrated to the UK when he was ten - after fighting Jessie J for him

"I've only got one spot left open and I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. But I heard the passion and the range that you have, there's a fire there," said Tom.

Meanwhile, Danny found his final act in 27-year-old London dentist Abi Sampa, who fuses western with eastern for her unique style. He praised her 'haunting' tone, saying: "You don't need words to be able to portray feeling and emotion."

Abi Sampa

Jessie J had a bit more leeway, seeking two artists to complete her team of twelve. She became the only coach to go for Letita Grant Brown, who covered 'Bust Your Windows' by Jazmine Sullivan.

"I'm good friends with Jazmine Sullivan and I've never heard someone sing a song of hers so well with so much feeling," gushed Jessie.

The 'Price Tag' singer was also the sole backer of Adam Barron, after tactically waiting until the last second to turn. "I hear so much potential. Your higher range was ridiculous," she exclaimed. "I was like, I'm gonna hold out, but you brought it half way though."

It was who was in the driving seat, with three more spots to give out. His first score was fashion stylist John Pritchard, whose try-out had him rhyming: "You got the highs and the lows and you got some fresh clothes!"

He later secured Moni Tivony, a 'white ginger guy from Essex' who has a reggae twang to his vocals. The whole panel went for Moni's rendition of Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry', sparking the fiercest bidding war of the night.

With only one place left, the Black Eyed Peas frontman decided to sit on it until the very end - rejecting several acts in the process, including Bronwen Lewis, Sophie Mendoza, Georgia Thursting, Julie E Gordon, Rita Payne, Laine Hines and Gemma Louise Edwards.

It came down to the last two hopefuls, and Will had to pick one - yet he still turned down 45-year-old Rob Reynolds, a decision which infuriated Danny.

Defending his decision, Will told Rob: "Just because Danny's not able to pick doesn't mean I should hit it. I really believe certain people should be with certain folk and you belong with Danny, he's just tapped out."

CJ Edwards

But he had an feeling that something special would be kept until last - and he was proven right when CJ Edwards took to the stage, hitting his button just a few seconds in.

CJ's performance was so infectious that Jessie and Danny couldn't resist getting out of their chairs to witness it.

"Out of everybody that's performed I'm enjoying your reaction the most. You really enjoyed it and I can feel that," Jessie smiled.

"You've got a lot to offer, and you can really take it there if you come with a humble heart, open ears, wide eyes, and give it your all and find the emotion," said Will.

Elsewhere, once famous popstars Danny Foster and Jay Aston failed in their bit to get the coaches to spin.

Danny - one fifth of Hear'Say, the band formed on Popstars way back in 2001 - chose to do a risky version of The Spice Girls' Wannabe, but it backfired, with Danny commenting: "I actually quite liked the tone of your voice, but the track was a bit cabaret."

Ex-Bucks Fizz member Jay went out of her comfort zone with a Muse cover, which Danny described as 'chalk and cheese'.

Other unsuccessful acts included Adenike Adenaike and Brett Davison.

The Voice UK continues next Saturday at 8.35pm on BBC One, as the coaches seek to cut their teams in half in the Battle Rounds.