The Voice UK: Danny O'Donoghue, clash during final auditions

The Voice UK 2013 - Danny O'Donoghue

There's a row between Voice UK coaches Danny O'Donoghue and on tonight's final blind audition show.

Going into this evening's last round of auditions, Danny and Tom need only one more artist each to complete their teams, with Jessie seeking two and Will three.

Once they've filled up all twelve spots, they can no longer turn for artists, and it left Danny O'Donoghue annoyed.

The Script star is one of the first to complete his teams, while Will is the last, and refuses to turn until the very last singer.

“There’s an argument that puts a stop to our bromance. Will’s an idiot as he missed out on three brilliant singers," Danny said.

On tonight's show, Danny tells Will: “I am really mad at him for not turning around. I don’t know why you didn’t turn around? Please can you explain to me? You’re an idiot.”

But Will hits back: “Just because Danny is unable to pick them doesn’t mean that I should hit it. I really truly believe that certain people should be with certain folk.

“Throughout the show I’ve been saying a lot of times I don’t turn around because I feel they should be with a different coach.”

A show insider claimed last night: “Danny is the first to fill all the places on his team so finds it desperately frustrating to have to sit back and watch amazing singers get away.

"He is genuinely shocked that none of the other coaches turn for some of the acts. He’s so disappointed with one act not getting through he offers his number so they can work together in future.”

But Danny reckons it's just down to the editing, adding: “It’s a lot more exciting this year. The editing is faster and the contestants are good.”

The Voice UK 2013 airs tonight from 8:05PM on BBC One.

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