The Voice UK 2013: Bucks Fizz star Jay Aston fails to make the coaches turn


Former Bucks Fizz singer Jay Aston has become the latest faded star to be rejected by the coaches on The Voice UK.

The 51-year-old achieved worldwide success in the 80s as part of the group, who sold fifteen million records and triumphed in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with their classic hit 'Making Your Mind Up'.

However, she was forced to quit when they were involved in a severe coach crash in 1984. "I was paralysed down one side and I didn't know whether that would come back," she explained. "I just had to leave.

"I think in a way I'm trying to pick up where I lost something out, and I guess there's a bit of me that still wants to be heard."

Aston decided to enter The Voice in a bid to restart her career, adding: "I feel like I'm a hundred times better than I used to be then but nobody hears me."

However, her decision to take a risk and perform a rock track - 'Time Is Running Out' by Muse - backfired, with none of the coaches turning their chairs.

"To be honest with you, song choice is so hard," commented Jessie J. "It stayed too kind of safe, and then you really started to show 'I can do this, I want this' at the end. Before I had a chance to turn it was finished."

"It did sound a bit chalk and cheese, no disrespect," mused Danny O'Donoghue.

Meanwhile, Welsh legend Tom Jones explained: "For me it's difficult to try and give my views on what you should and shouldn't do since you've been in the business and been successful. I felt that you need to control your vibrato, it's very strong."

He then quipped: "On a lighter note, Bucks Fizz is my favourite drink!"

The Voice UK enters its Battles stage next weekend on BBC One, with the coaches pitting their acts against each other as they cut their teams in half.

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