The Voice 2013 UK: starts talking Filipino!

The Voice UK 2013 -

The Voice UK coach's latest sneaky tactic to win over artists is to speak to them in Filipino!

From record produce to tech wizard, it seems will's t of talents is never ending, and now he can add "fluent in foreign languages” to his already impressive C.V.

Tomorrow night we'll see 21 year old Joseph Apostol wow the coaches with his performance of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ by the Shirelles. Now living in Kent, Joseph moved to the UK from the Philippines at 10 years old and has lived in Kent ever since.

After his performance he reveals his nationality is Filipino to which can’t contain his excitement; “wooooooooo - like my best friend Apl?” [ from the Black Eyed Peas] then proceeds to say words in Filipino including Mabouti (which means good/fine) and Salamat (which means thank you). Keen to show off his Filipino prowess then goes on to list famous Filipino foods such as Chicken Adobo. Ok, so perhaps isn’t quite fluent in Filipino - but he clearly loves his Filipino food.

Will whispers to tell the audience: “I just hit him with Filipino secrets”.

Meanwhile, a show insider said: “Producers struggle to translate at the best of times but it’s even harder when he is speaking in Filipino – after going through various different experts it was a friendly local restaurant waiter who eventually translated for them."

The Voice is on BBC One, Saturday 4th May at 8.05pm.

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