The Voice 2013: Nate James has known Jessie J for eight years!

Nate James (The Voice 2013 UK)

The Voice 2013 star Nate James as revealed he and his coach Jessie J have a rather close connection.

The former MOBO nominee impressed the panel at the weekend with his 'comeback', joining Jessie's team after both she and The Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue pressed their buzzers.

But Nate admitted he's known for the Laserlight singer for some eight years, having worked and even performed with her.

He said: "We’ve done gigs together, been signed, been dropped, had our heart broken by music and by the industry and I just felt a connection with her in general that I didn’t really feel with anybody else."

He added: “It’s almost like she understands where I’ve been and the hassles I’ve had to deal with and so on in being an independent artist.”

But Nate insisted that despite knowing her, he was never that close to Jessie, saying: “Not as (she’s) in my phone book, just as in we’ve done similar circuits."

Meanwhile, Nate told how despite his epic vocals during his audition, he could've done better.

“I was not in a very good place that day, I was very sick but the outcome was fantastic considering I wasn’t 100 per cent,” he explained. “It was pretty surreal, loads of my friends were like ‘you must have lost some weight, you must be so happy because you’re on TV’. I was like ‘yeah, I lost six pounds, that’s not the point, I’m sick as a dog; I don’t really care about weight loss right now’."

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