The Voice 2013 UK final 48 contestants revealed

Nate James (The Voice 2013 UK)

The Voice 2013 UK top 48 artists have now been confirmed.

Saturday night's latest audition show saw Danny O'Donoghue, Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and add the final acts to their teams of twelve.

Team Will first picked up John Pritchard and the 'ginger Bob Marley from Essex' Moni Tivony for his team, while Letitia Grant Brown joined Team Jessie, leaving all four coaches in need for one last act each.

Danny was the first to finish his line up with dentist Abi Sampa, and Sir Tom shortly followed as Joseph Apostol chose him over Jessie.

Jessie was quick to turn for another artist, and Adam Barron become her twelfth and final team member.

After leaving it until the very last act to turn for the final time, Will added CJ Edwards to his group of budding performers.

The Top 48 artists are now complete, but which of the four coaches has chosen the most wisely? Did Sir Tom and Danny's eager button pressing cost them, or did Will's risky choice to leave it to the last minute prove a worthwhile gamble?

Remind yourselves of the top artists below...

Team Danny

[tag]Alice Barlow[/tag]
[tag]Andrea Begley[/tag]
[tag]Conor Scott[/tag]
[tag]Karl Michael[/tag]
[tag]Laura Oakes[/tag]
[tag]Mitchel Emms[/tag]
[tag]Nadeem Leigh[/tag]
[tag]Paul Carden[/tag]
[tag]Ricardo Afonso[/tag]
[tag]Sean Rumsey[/tag]
Smith & Jones
[tag]Abi Sampa[/tag]
[tag]Adam Barron[/tag]

Team Jessie

[tag]Alex Buchanan[/tag]
[tag]Ash Morgan[/tag]
[tag]Danny County[/tag]
[tag]Katie Benbow[/tag]
[tag]Lemuel Knights[/tag]
[tag]Nate James[/tag]
[tag]Sarah Cassidy[/tag]
[tag]Trevor Francis[/tag]
[tag]Letitia Grant Brown[/tag]

Team Tom

[tag]Alys Williams[/tag]
[tag]Colin Chisholm[/tag]
[tag]Cherelle Basquine[/tag]
[tag]Elise Evans[/tag]
[tag]Emma Jade Garbutt[/tag]
[tag]Jamie Bruce[/tag]
[tag]Lareena Mitchell[/tag]
[tag]LB Robinson[/tag]
[tag]Mike Ward[/tag]
[tag]Joseph Apostol[/tag]

Team Will

[tag]Barbara & Carla[/tag]
[tag]Cleo Higgins[/tag]
[tag]Emily Worton[/tag]
[tag]Jordan Lee Davies[/tag]
[tag]Leah McFall[/tag]
[tag]Leanne Jarvis[/tag]
[tag]Liam Tamne[/tag]
[tag]Matt Henry[/tag]
[tag]John Pritchard[/tag]
[tag]Moni Tivony[/tag]
[tag]CJ Edwards[/tag]

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