The Voice UK 2013 blind auditions: Episode 5 results recap

Alice Barlow

Former Hollyoaks actress Alice Bruce, soul singer Nate James and Adele tribute act Lareena Mitchell were among the successful hopefuls on tonight's The Voice UK.

The four coaches -, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue - secured another twelve acts between them in the penultimate round of Blind Auditions.

It kicked off with 34-year-old Jamie Bruce, who joined chose to join Team Tom after his rendition of 'Try A Little Tenderness' won over the Welsh crooner and Will.

The former X Factor contestant wasn't the only talent show pro to impress the coaches, with Will going for duo Nu-Tarna, who between them have done XF and Pop Idol.

Meanwhile, Sean Rumsey - a former member of XF boyband Futureproof - eventually went for Danny after sparking a bidding war between The Script frontman and Tom.

The duo were at loggerheads throughout the show, also clashing over Alice - who played Rae Wilson in the Channel 4 soap - and stage star Ricardo Afonso, who's appeared in the West End production of We Will Rock You. But the luck of the Irish continued, with both opting to go with Danny.

Jordan Lee Davies, a self-proclaimed 'skinny' and 'child-like' 24-year-old, had the coaches confused with his high-pitched vocals. During his performance of The Darkness hit 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love', Jessie asked: "Is that a man or a woman?"

The coaches listen on

Will and Danny hit their buzzers, and Jordan chose to go with the former, who commented: "The power and the range from your falsetto was incredible."

Two other acts who puzzled the judges were Aret Kapetanovic and Charlie Ryan, but they unfortunately left without winning any backing from the panel.

Elsewhere, Cherelle Basquine and Katie Evans took to the stage hoping to impress their children and demonstrate that they can achieve their dreams if they set their minds to them.

Cherelle's version of Cheryl's 'Call My Name' didn't sit well with Jessie - who told her she needed to improve her diction - but the tone of her voice was enough to get Tom to turn his chair.

However, Katie wasn't as lucky, with nerves getting the better of her during her a mash-up of 'You Got The Love' and 'Feel The Love'.

"Don't use this as a setback, you have to learn to do is use emotion as your strength rather than your weakness," advised Tom. "Sometimes if you feel too much emotion, your throat closes."

Lareena - who hopes to make a name for herself having made a living with her Adele covers - also won over the 'It's Not Unusual' singer, who was the only coach to turn for her. "I thought you gave it the full monty," he smiled.

The opposite is true of Nate James, who has released three albums of his own and made several high profile performances, including one on Later With Jools Holland.

After a lengthy break he decided to try The Voice as a way to kick-start his career - and the move paid off, with Jessie and Danny slamming their buttons.

Nate James

Jessie instantly recognised him, saying: "I'm just happy you've come on, and it shows how credible the show is cause you're credible."

Nate chose to go with Jessie, and she later bagged Ipswich male rap and soul duo De'Vide, who she suggested 'had potential'.

The episode ended with two former band members, Edinburgh 60-year-old Colin Chisholm and 31-year-old Liverpool lad Paul Carden, who both got one step closer to their goals of going solo when Tom and Danny spun for them respectively.

The coaches' teams are currently as follows:

Team Danny

[tag]Alice Barlow[/tag]
[tag]Andrea Begley[/tag]
[tag]Conor Scott[/tag]
[tag]Karl Michael[/tag]
[tag]Laura Oakes[/tag]
[tag]Mitchel Emms[/tag]
Nadeem Leigh
[tag]Paul Carden[/tag]
[tag]Ricardo Afonso[/tag]
[tag]Sean Rumsey[/tag]
Smith & Jones

Team Jessie

[tag]Alex Buchanan[/tag]
Ash Morgan
[tag]Danny County[/tag]
[tag]Katie Benbow[/tag]
[tag]Lemuel Knights[/tag]
[tag]Nate James[/tag]
[tag]Sarah Cassidy[/tag]
[tag]Trevor Francis[/tag]

Team Tom

[tag]Alys Williams[/tag]
[tag]Colin Chisholm[/tag]
[tag]Cherelle Basquine[/tag]
[tag]Elise Evans[/tag]
Emma Jade Garbutt
[tag]Jamie Bruce[/tag]
[tag]Lareena Mitchell[/tag]
[tag]LB Robinson[/tag]
[tag]Mike Ward[/tag]

Team Will

[tag]Barbara & Carla[/tag]
[tag]Cleo Higgins[/tag]
[tag]Emily Worton[/tag]
[tag]Jordan Lee Davies[/tag]
[tag]Leah McFall[/tag]
[tag]Leanne Jarvis[/tag]
[tag]Liam Tamne[/tag]
[tag]Matt Henry[/tag]

This means Danny and Tom need only one more artist each to complete their teams, with Jessie seeking two and Will three.

The Blind Auditions conclude next Saturday at 8.05pm on BBC One, when the final hopefuls to join the competition will be revealed.

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