The Voice 2013: Jessie J's struggling with the hate

Jessie J (The Voice UK)

The voice 2013 Coach Jesse J is reportedly struggling with all the hate from her appearance on the show this year.

The Domino singer has been somewhat targeted by viewers and TV critics over her role on the BBC one series, being called everything from "annoying" to "attention seeking" for her on screen antics.

Last week saw a feisty Jessie hit back on twitter: “An edited version is never the full story. You wouldn’t write a review on a book after reading 3 pages would you?”

She added to her millions of followers: “When you go to bitch about someone you have never met….Think….for a second before you do… ‘Oh yeah I have NEVER met them’”

However despite the strong words, Jessie is apparently struggling beside the scenes.

One source claimed this week: "Jessie tries to take this kind of criticism on the chin, but it's still has an affect.

"She is sick and tired of being targeted for the way she is on the show. After all, it's edited and she thinks people are judging her unfairly just by the edits they see on TV each week."

The supposed insider added: "She may be a very strong character, and say exactly what's on her mind, but these ongoing callous remarks have hit her hard, and she's trying not to let it get her down."

Poor Jessie!

The Voice 2013 continues this Saturday night on BBC One.

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