The Voice UK 2013 blind auditions: Episode 4 results recap

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Seven more artists persuaded the coaches to turn their chairs in tonight's fourth round of Blind Auditions on The Voice UK.

The latest episode of the BBC One talent contest begun with Britain's Got Talent star Alice Fredenham's unsuccessful try-out, which saw her appear a lot more confident and less nervous than she did on the rival ITV show.

After her performance of Frank Sinatra's 'Lady Is A Tramp', Jessie J said: "I didn't turn around because there's a huge difference between singing for singing and singing to make people listen. I felt like you're just kind of singing."

"Stylistically for me, I just felt it was a little bit safe," added The Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue.

It was a different story for Scottish model Sarah Cassidy, who had Jessie and Danny turning around, as well as Tom Jones - with a fierce battle quickly emerging between the former two.

"I can coach you technically, I can teach you breathing exercises that will help your range," urged Jessie, who added that she understands how 'nervewracking' it is to be a female in the music industry.

"What's the difference?" argued Danny. "It's not like you're a sub-species or anything, you're the same!"

Meanwhile, said he felt like a 'dumb-ass' for not turning, especially when Sarah revealed that he was the coach she wanted before her audition. She eventually went with Jessie, becoming the third female on her team.

Having missed out on Sarah, Will then played dirty to secure guitar-playing student Emily Worton, becoming the only coach to spin their chair - even though Danny wanted to.

"The only reason why I didn't turn around is because I'm an idiot," he explained. "Will was playing tactics, saying I'm not gonna go, I'm not gonna go. Two, one, he went around!"

A smug Will gloated: "I was a bit sneaky because I told everybody no to see if they were going to go. Secret agent there."

Emily Worton

Nick Tatham - a 29-year-old Tourette's syndrome sufferer who describes music as his 'medication' - follows, but his rendition of Kenny Loggins' 'Footloose' is turned down by the panel.

Unhappy with what he did with the song, Jessie asks him to play a verse alone with his guitar, and he breaks in to Phil Collins' 'Another Day In Paradise'.

"I'm happy that you did that because it's a lesson learnt. Song choice is so important," says Jessie.

Her comment will haunt Tom Gregory and Laura Prescott, who both get rejected after taking the risk of doing the coaches' own songs.

However, fortunes change for L.B. Robinson, whose unique take on Tom's hit 'She's A Lady' has the Welsh icon turning at the last second. "I love the way you started that song, I'm really glad you started it off as a ballad, you really shone there, and now I know what you can really do," he explained.

One of the biggest shocks of the night came when teaching duo Barbara & Carla suddenly launch their beautiful performance of 'The Flower Duet' from the opera Lakmé, which has all four coaches racing to hit their buttons.

After some umming and ahhing, they opt to go with Will, instantly forming one of the show's most interesting working relationships yet.

Tom then gets a surprise when one of his tribute acts, David Kidd, takes to the stage. Although no-one turns for him, he relishes getting feedback from his idol.

"You have a great song voice and if I could suggest that you try to control the vibrato in the lower area, that's the only thing," said Tom. "The highs were fantastic, it was pure, it was clean."

"It reminded me a bit of you in fairness," observed Danny.

David took this opportunity to reveal his secret and begun singing one of Tom's songs, with the 72-year-old briefly joining in.

David Kidd

Next, wedding singer Laura Oakes achieves her goal of stepping out of the background and in to the spotlight when Danny goes for her cover of Florence + The Machine's 'Spectrum'.

"So glad you came, you've got some belt on you," he cooed.

But 21-year-old Jessica Steele - who admits to having been snubbed by 'singing competitions' before - gets teary-eyed when her slow version of 'Don't You Want Me Baby' proves unsuccessful.

As Jessica begins to break down, Jessie goes on stage to reassure her, claiming: "I didn't turn because I don't think you're ready.

"There was a lady that came last series. None of us turned around, but she took our advice, came back a year later and we all turned around, and I feel like that's where you're at."

"I think nerves got to me a little," Jessica later concluded. "I'll try to take the positive things they've said and come back next year."

The final act of the night was 26-year-old Karl Michael, who has already come tantalisingly close to realising his dream. He previously secured a record contract and begun work on his debut album - only for the company to pull out later.

Calling The Voice his 'last shot', he heads out to sing 'No More I Love Yous' - and Will quickly decides to push his button, with the other three coaches quickly following.

After a fierce bidding war, Karl decides to go with Danny, believing he can learn the most from the Irish rocker.

Will, Tom and Danny have now each taken seven artists under their wings, with Jessie on eight. The teams are currently as follows:

Team Danny

[tag]Andrea Begley[/tag]
[tag]Conor Scott[/tag]
[tag]Karl Michael[/tag]
[tag]Laura Oakes[/tag]
[tag]Mitchel Emms[/tag]
Nadeem Leigh
Smith & Jones

Team Jessie

[tag]Alex Buchanan[/tag]
Ash Morgan
[tag]Danny County[/tag]
[tag]Katie Benbow[/tag]
[tag]Lemuel Knights[/tag]
[tag]Sarah Cassidy[/tag]
[tag]Trevor Francis[/tag]

Team Tom

[tag]Alys Williams[/tag]
[tag]Elise Evans[/tag]
Emma Jade Garbutt
[tag]LB Robinson[/tag]
[tag]Mike Ward[/tag]

Team Will

[tag]Barbara & Carla[/tag]
[tag]Cleo Higgins[/tag]
[tag]Emily Worton[/tag]
[tag]Leah McFall[/tag]
[tag]Leanne Jarvis[/tag]
[tag]Liam Tamne[/tag]
[tag]Matt Henry[/tag]

Tune in to BBC One next Saturday at 8.05pm to see more hopefuls compete for the nineteen remaining spots in the competition.

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