The Voice UK 2013: Get the lowdown on tonight's fourth round of Blind Auditions

Tom Gregory

A Tom Jones tribute act, a pair of opera-singing bikers, and a Tourette's sufferer are among the acts hoping to make the coaches turn on tonight's edition of The Voice UK.

The show wastes no time at all in capitalising on the controversy surrounding Alice Fredenham, who was seen getting four yesses from the Britain's Got Talent panel last week.

In stark contrast to the shy, nervous person she seemed on the ITV talent contest, Alice comes across very confident as she struts on stage singing Frank Sinatra's 'Lady Is A Tramp'.

As you've probably guessed from her success on a rival show, Alice failed to get any of the chairs to turn for her. But it's a different story for former Miss Scotland finalist Sarah Cassidy, who provokes a bidding war between Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue.

College student Emily Worton follows, performing Pulp's 'Common People' with a guitar - and it soon becomes clear that is playing dirty in an attempt to ensure he has the best team.

"Will's new card is I'm gonna tell you who to pick," says Jessie, explaining one of his tactics. "He loves to go, 'go on Danny it's yours', then he'll push his button and tell them to go with Danny.

"He's trying to get rid of people that he thinks won't win, and Danny and Tom have both fallen for it."

Nick Tatham

Next to appear is 29-year-old Nick Tatham, who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. "Music is definitely my medication," he comments. "When i play i dont really think about it, i get so involved in the song and i think that's when the Tourette's disappears."

He takes the coaches by surprise by beatboxing an introduction to Kenny Loggins' 'Footloose', but other hopefuls have a different way of catching their attention - by covering their songs.

"I think singing a coaches' song could go any way. You're on a tightrope, you really are," comments Danny.

Three people attempt the risky move tonight, with Tom Gregory taking on The Script's 'For The First Time', Laura Prescott having a go at Jessie's 'Who You Are', and L.B. Robinson singing his take on Tom's 'She's A Lady' - but who will hit and who will miss?

There's another shock in store from duo Carla Maney, 47, and Barbara Kelly, 55, who met on a 'singing tour of America' in 2003.

After a clip in which they're shown as bikers, riding around in full leathers, you might expect them to belt out a rock anthem - but instead they launch a powerful performance of 'The Flower Duet' from Léo Delibes' opera Lakmé!

Their voices are certainly undeniable, but with the panel more experienced in mainsteam pop music, can they be persuaded to spin around for an opera act?


Last Saturday's edition saw Lemuel Knights fulfil his dream of singing with his idol Jessie, and this week a dream comes true for David Kidd, who works as a Tom Jones impersonator.

"For the past 20-odd years I've been singing like him because i think he's absolutely brilliant," David reveals. "When I started I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to sing in front of the real Tom Jones, my idol, but The Voice has come along and it's given me my chance."

He's followed by 22-year-old wedding singer Laura Oakes, who hopes the show will finally give her a chance to step in to the limelight - as does Jessica Steele, 22, who admitted: "I've entered other singing competitions in the past and it didn't really go as well as i hoped.

"I used to be really really confident and i'm hoping this will give me that confidence back. I'm scared to get another knockback."

But the last act of the night, 26-year-old Karl Michael, suffered an even bigger blow having secured a dream recording contract - only to be unceremoniously dropped after six months of work on his debut album.

"People think having a deal means you've made it. It doesn't," he muses. "About six months ago I was in the studio making an album and then literally three days after the company decided to pull out.

"I went from recording in studios in New York to cleaning windows in Earls' Court. I lost everything."

Catch The Voice UK tonight at 8.20pm on BBC One to watch these Blind Auditions and find out who manages to win over the coaches.

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