The Voice 2013: Jessie J blasts the haters


The Voice 2013 UK coach Jessie J has hit back at the haters who have branded her annoying.

Jessie blasted those who complained about her appearance on the BBC One series at the weekend after some viewers accused her of attention seeking.

The 25-year-old was seen jumping up on stage numerous times, including to sing with one act.

And many viewers and TV critics have been less than complementary about Jessie too, with one writing: “Jessie mistakes being charmless rude egotistical and unpleasant for being real.”

In a rather passionate speech on Twitter, Jessie hit back yesterday: "Ok… Think about this… For real do you (the person reading this) think if you was on TV that every person watching you would like you? Would agree with what you say? What you’re wearing. Your personality? Nope. It’s not realistic.”

Jessie continued: "You can’t be liked by everyone and neither can I So… If you think I’m irritating or hate me. By all means cuss the tv all night long if you want if that’s what you get a kick out of. But why go out of your way to tweet me about how you feel about me if its mean ?

“(For those who do) I would never do that to anyone else and if I did people would say its wrong! So if you do it to me it doesn’t make it right.”

As thousands of her fans retweeted the message, Jessie added: “Think about it. Treat people how you want to be treated. And view people with the understanding of what if that was me. How would I feel?…”

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