The Voice 2013 blind auditions: Episode 3 recap

Emma Jade Jackson

It was week three of the blind auditions of The Voice 2013 tonight, as six more artists joined the teams.

Tonight's show didn't wait around, bursting into song with [tag]Cleo Higgins[/tag]'s take on Beyonce's Love On Top.

The former Cleopatra star was seen saying before going out on stage: "Music is my world, I think it's time I put that in the forefront of my life again. I'm tired of people recognising me from my history.

"It's an opportunity to show how I can perform without people thinking I'm the same as I was in Cleopatra."

Cleo's performance had Jessie J turning around instantly, and the other three coaches followed suit.

When it came to the decision - despite Jessie's enthusiasm and pleas of girl power - Cleo joined Team Will, much to Jessie's annoyance.

Cleo Higgins

Rockers Barry Thomas and Mitchell Emms then went head to head, and it was clear only one would get through.

It was a case of fresh new talent over experience for the coaches, with former Stars In Their Eyes singer Mitchel winning a spot on Team Danny.

Welsh [tag]Elise Evans[/tag] was next up and her performance of Something's Got a Hold on Me by Etta James had all four coaches pressing their buzzers.

Another passionate plea from Jessie followed, but it was fairy obvious that Elise was always going to go to Team Tom.

Elise was followed by the "six feet of Blackpool dynamite" that was Jade Louise Jackson, a cabaret performer from the North West, but her cheesy performance didn't win any spinning chairs.

Irish [tag]Conor Scott[/tag] fared better, singing a rather unique take on Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding to win a spot on Danny O'Donoghue's team.

Also putting a spin on their audition song was Leah McFall, who sung Rita Ora and Tinnie Tempah's RIP and joined Team Will.

But nerves got the better of Amy Wilkinson, who failed to interest any of the four coaches with her cover of She Wolf.

Tonight's show saw only the second duo of the series so far, in the form of Maxine and Shelley, known together as Diva.

The pair's cover of Tell Him by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion had a the chairs turning but it was Sir Tom who won the fight to get the twosome on his team.

Elise Evans

Singing waitress Lovelle slightly reminded us of former X Factor winner Leona Lewis, and her performance of Rihanna's Diamonds certainly got chairs spinning.

All but Danny pressed their buzzers and the budding performer became Team Jessie's second girl, much to the Domino singer's relief.

Closing the show was X Factor reject [tag]Lemuel Knights[/tag], who told us how he prides himself in being a huge Jessie J fan. It was therefore no shock to hear him singing her song Do It Like A Dude on stage and getting Jessie's chair spinning, along with Danny's and Tom's.

Despite it being rather obvious from the pre VT who Lemuel will probably choose, Jessie asked to give a 'special pitch' by performing with the teenager on stage to end the show.

And sure enough, Lemuel snubbed the boys for Jessie.

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Here's how The Voice teams look now...

[tag]Team Jessie[/tag]
Ash Morgan
Katie Benbow
Danny County
Trevor Francis
Alex Buchanan
[tag]Lemuel Knights[/tag]

[tag]Team Will[/tag]
Leanne Jarvis
Matt Henry
Liam Tamne
[tag]Cleo Higgins[/tag]
[tag]Leah McFall[/tag]

[tag]Team Danny[/tag]
Andrea Begley
Smith & Jones
Nadeem Leigh
[tag]Mitchel Emms[/tag]
[tag]Conor Scott[/tag]

[tag]Team Tom[/tag]
Mike Ward
Emma Jade Garbutt
Alys Williams
[tag]Elise Evans[/tag]

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