The Voice 2013 coaches: Jessie J has 'backstage meltdown'


The Voice 2013 UK coach Jessie J has apparently had a bit of a meltdown backstage.

According to The Sun, the Laserlight singer was left in tears during the auditions, which were filmed in Manchester earlier this year.

But what caused this outburst of tears? An amazing singer, more reports of diva antics or was sneaky Willy getting too sneaky?

It turns out, none of the above, Jessie was simply upset because no girls had chosen to join her team.

"Jessie had a massive meltdown and was crying over what she saw as women not wanting to work with her," a source told The Sun newspaper this week. "She is very feisty and speaks her mind, but she fears that is putting girls off."

They claimed: "Men seem to love working with her and she has had lots of success snaring male contestants but so far not much with the girls.

"She was asking backstage what she was doing wrong and is desperate to increase the number of women on her team."

We saw Jessie moaning on last Saturday's show: "I just want females to not be scared to work with me."

Despite having the biggest team so far, with five out of her twelve singers chosen, Jessie only has one girl - Katie Benbow - in her group.

And let's face it, she's only there because Jessie was the only one to turn for her.

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