The Voice 2013: Are sob stories are taking over the show?

Nadeem Leigh

When The Voice UK started, there was a lot of emphasis on it being just about The Voice, but that seems to be quickly changing.

The first series was criticised for focusing a lot on the back story of the contestants, to the point that even Jessie was annoyed with the editing.

She complained: “I am not a major fan of the whole back story and ‘Let’s all feel sorry for everyone.’

“It is a bit like: ‘Been there, done that, seen that.’ Isn’t it about the voice? I might get in trouble for this…”

But the latest episode seemed full of the back stories of the acts, sometimes even moreso than their singing.

One hopeful Liam Tamne explained: “My mum and dad split up when I was 12. And Mum got ill with mild cognitive impairment which means she loses her memory of everything, and it takes time for it to come back.

“There have been times where I’d be talking to her and she would have no idea who I was. My brother and I were constantly moving between houses. I never had a stable home. So I started hanging around with the wrong crowd."

He explained: “Things were getting out of control and Nan said to me, ‘Liam, you are just on the wrong path’.

“If she hadn’t done that I absolutely think I could have ended up an alcoholic druggie. But soon after that I discovered dancing, singing and acting.”

Team Danny singer Nadeem Leigh also shared his tale, saying: "When my mum died I felt abandoned. I turned to drugs and alcohol. I went into rehab aged 29. I came out and I’ve been sober ever since.”

We wonder what Jessie makes of it all?

Certainly a lot of you lot weren't impressed, with one viewer writing: "TV was supposed to have no sob story's. Now its becoming a X Factor clone."

And another added: "It's called the Voice, not "bad stuff that happened to me""

Still, they've got a long way to catch up to ITV's shows.

The Voice continues this Saturday night on BBC One.

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