The Voice 2013 blind auditions: Episode 2 recap


The Voice 2013 blind auditions continued tonight as a another batch of budding performers went before the four coaches.

Jessie J,, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue were all back in their bright spinning chairs for the second round of tryouts

Among the hopefuls this week were an X factor reject, a YouTube sensation and a couple of familiar faces from years gone by.

Opening the show was former Mariah Carey backing singer Trevor Francis, who had all four of the coaches pressing their buzzers after his performance of A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. Four competitive pitches and some bickering from Will and Jessie later, Trevor eventually decided to join Team Jessie, her fourth act.

Nervous country singer Emma Jade Garbutt was next to face the backs of the panel, but the teenager wasn't able to follow Trevor's success, with only Sir Tom Jones pressing his buzzer... just.

YouTube star Sam Hollyman told how he was signed up to The Voice by his mum, but rather awkwardly his take on Elton John's Your Song failed to get any of the coaches to turn around.

Alex Buchanan was next to take his one and only shot in the competition, singing Chris Brown hit Don't Wake Me Up to get all four of the coaches turning around. It was another win for Jessie over the boys, as Alex decided to become the fifth member of her growing team.

Lorraine Crosby hoped to move away from her link to fame after singing with Meatloaf but her performance of Midnight Train to Georgia didn't persuade any of the four coaches to hit their buttons.

Singing chef Gary Ryland - aka Ragsy - followed with a cover of The Scientist by Coldplay and it was an instant hit with Danny who pressed his buzzer straight away, with Sir Tom following suit. Choosing between the two, Ragsy went with Sir Tom.

The first duo of the series, Smith and Jones, were next up. The boyfriend and girlfriend pair performed Candy for the coaches after a somewhat interesting VT and joined Team Danny after he was the only coach to turn around.

West End star Liam Tamne poured his heart into his performance of This Woman's Work by Kate Bush, getting not only all four of the coaches to turn around but also give a standing ovation. Liam was left with a tough choice and the competitive panel pulled out every trick in the book to try and coax the Les Mis singer onto their teams. After a tough think, Liam announced he was going to join Team Will.

Soul singer Kym Mazelle insisted she wasn't making a comeback on The Voice UK tonight and that proved a good thing because none of the coaches pressed their buzzers for her.

Nadeem Leigh had better success with his cover of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For winning him one of the final spots of the night, joining Team Danny.

16-year-old Nick Dixon performed Jason Mraz track I Won't Give Up but it wasn't enough for the picky coaches, with none of the four piece turning.

Closing the show was Alys Williams, who had originally been rejected at this stage of the show this year.

The budding performer returned for a second attempt and this time had all four coaches turning around after her take on Mumford & Sons song The Cave.

It left Alys with a tough choice though and she took her time in making it, but after an agonising deliberation the Welsh star chose Sir Tom, surprising no one in the end.

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So, after two episodes, here's how the teams are shaping up...

[tag]Team Jessie[/tag]
[tag t="Ashley Morgan"]Ash Morgan[/tag]
[tag]Katie Benbow[/tag]
[tag]Danny County[/tag]
[tag]Trevor Francis[/tag]
[tag]Alex Buchanan[/tag]

[tag]Team Will[/tag]
[tag]Leanne Jarvis[/tag]
[tag]Matt Henry[/tag]
[tag]Liam Tamne[/tag]

[tag]Team Danny[/tag]
[tag]Andrea Begley[/tag]
Smith & Jones
Nadeem Leigh

[tag]Team Tom[/tag]
[tag]Mike Ward[/tag]
Emma Jade Garbutt
Alys Williams

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