The Voice 2013 winner needs to 'rush' their album, claims (The Voice UK 2013) has claimed that the winner of the The Voice 2013 should rush release their album this year.

Last year's winner Leanne Mitchell has still to release her debut record a year after she won the series last summer.

Will previously blamed record label bosses at universal for not helping Leanne release music quickly enough

Now will hopes to make sure that this years winner will have music ready to go as soon as the show is over.

He said: "It's going to get me in trouble but I think what we experienced last year was a hole in the system.

"You have a whole bunch of singers and one wins. Then directly after they win, I don't know what happens. The label and everything engaged and surrounded the winner, and made sure they had all of the material.

"I don't think the rushing happens. And if it did happen, it's happened too slow. Especially in this day and age when everything changes every 20 seconds on Twitter. I hope we can learn from that."

The Black Eyed Peas star continued: "I hope the label that's the artists are going to will learn this year.

"They need to have songs ready. Right from the moment they sing, they need to rush it and have a song ready to go three days after the show's over. No time to waste."

However clashing with Will, Sir Tom thought that last year the label rushed too much.

After coaching Leanne, the Welsh performer also complained: "The one problem is if you win The Voice, it’s out of your hands completely. Because you’re signed to Universal Records, with management, agency, the whole thing."

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