The Voice 2013: Jessie J won't change despite criticism

The Voice UK 2013 - Jessie J

Jessie J has insisted she won't change despite criticism over her actions on the voice 2013 UK

While we're rather big fans of Jessie's rather eccentric personality, not all of the show's viewers feel the same way.

Yesterday Jessie hit out at critics who had slated her appearance on the show at the weekend.

She took to Twitter to say: "An edited version is never the full story. You wouldn’t write a review on a book after reading 3 pages would you?”

She added to her millions of followers: “When you go to bitch about someone you have never met….Think….for a second before you do… ‘Oh yeah I have NEVER met them’”

Despite the harsh words clearly getting to her, Jessie said she wouldn't be changing their attitude to the BBC one show.

"I'm not afraid to voice my opinion," she said this month. "I also understand that my ears are my ears and my eyes are my eyes.

"I have two go with what I know I like. If I start taking in everybody else's opinion, I'm not being myself."

Speaking before the series began, Jessie said: "I am always real. I am always quite direct and straight to the point.

"I am honest and I think I am very caring towards the Artists when they’re in front of us. For me, the vocals and personality is what I have been focusing on."

The Voice UK continues this Saturday night on BBC One.

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