The Voice 2013: Danny O'Donoghue slags off The X Factor, again

The Voice UK 2013 - Danny O'Donoghue

The Voice 2013 UK coach Danny O'Donoghue has once again been slagging off The X Factor.

In what seems like a constant stream of comments about Simon Cowell's rival talent shows, Danny complained that the ITV series "bullied" hopefuls.

And he branded the show the "cringe factor", claiming he turned out of last year's series after ten minutes.

“I know they’re both singing competitions but The Voice is a very different show. We don’t make fools of people," he told The Sun newspaper today. “The X Factor shows more of the acts we’re supposed to laugh at than acts with genuine talent.

“I watched some of the last series of The X Factor but I had to turn off when they were laughing at this dude. When you have thousands of people booing some poor sod on stage, that has the cringe factor.”

The Script frontman admitted however that there had been plenty of changes to The Voice's format this year in a bid to keep viewers hooked.

He added: “We’re no fools, we know the ‘blinds’ were the most exciting part of last year so there have been tiny tinkers... we’ve learned a lot.”

But while The Voice coaches spend their time slagging off The X Factor, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger was full of praise for her rival reality telly stars.

She said of this week: “He’s just like this kind of crazy ball of light and energy that just bounces off the walls.”

The ‘Boomerang’ star added: “He never really shuts off, he’s always thinking, he’s always creating. And he’s inspiring to be around.”

The Voice 2013 airs from 7PM tonight on BBC One.

Browse snaps of the first Voice UK 2013 blind auditions below...

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