Ant and Dec confident they'll beat The Voice UK in ratings battle

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Ant and Dec are feeling confident that they'll triumph over The Voice UK in tomorrow night's telly ratings battle.

The two shows will be going head to head on Saturday nights as the two shows are pitted against one another.

But Ant and Dec reckon it's an easy choice, with Ant saying today: “I think it’s an easy choice. With Takeaway you know you’re going to have a good laugh."

“But The Voice for me lacks that sense of humour. I think it always has done," he added, speaking as if The Voice has been on for years rather than just once.

Ant did admit however that it would be close between the two shows.

He told The Sun newspaper: “A lot of people have criticised The Voice because of the way it tailed off at the end last time. But I think you’d be foolish to think it’ll start like that.

“Those early rounds got very good ratings. I’m unsure what will happen, but we’ve put in some good graft and worked hard — you can’t worry about it.”

Meanwhile, Dec hit out at TV bosses for putting the two shows head to head.

"I think it’s a shame that the audience have been made to choose between the two," he said. "With both at 7pm you're forced to watch one and record the other.

“It’s a shame you can’t watch one and then the other when they go out. Then you’d have two great shows on a Saturday night.”


The Voice UK and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway both air at 7PM tomorrow night on BBC One and ITV respectively.

Although we're sure you knew that by now...

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