The Voice 2013 blind auditions: Episode 1 recap

Leanne Jarvis (The Voice UK)

The Voice 2013 UK kicked off tonight as the first artists joined the teams of the coaches, and here's our quick recap., Sir Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and Jessie J were all back in their famous spinning turning chairs as the blind auditions kicked off.

First up to face the backs of the coaches was Ash Morgan, who turned all four around with his cover of Never Tear Us Apart. A string of begging pleas from the panel followed, before Ash became the first member of Team Jessie.

Danny County followed with a unique take on Sugababes hit About You Now, interesting both Jessie and Danny, choosing the former's team to join.

Former Girls Aloud tribute singer Leanne Jarvis was next up, perhaps in need of a new vocation now the group have split. The 24-year-old had all four of the coaches press their buzzer, and she chose to become the first member of team

But the successes ended there as Louis Coupe took to the stage and failed to get any of the panel to turn around.

The self-taught artist played the piano on stage but was criticised by the panel for being too musical threatre.

Katie Benbow's facial gurning reminded us of Cher Lloyd but her cover of Feeling Good was something quite different. Almost too different, with only Jessie turning around after much hesitation.

Belfast's Andrea Begley was next up, with the blind performer having to ask who turned around. Unfortunately there wasn't an awkward moment because no one did, with both Danny and Sir Tom having pressed their buzzers. With Danny playing the Irish card, Andrea became his first artist.

Pop Idol and X Factor reject Kirsty Crawford then took to the stage but failed to get a single coach to turn around, admitting: "I bottled it."

Also on tonight's show was surprise country star Mike Ward, whose unusual vocals had all but Will reaching for their buzzers. After a tough negotiation, Sir Tom eventually won his first artist of the night.

90s pop star Kavana - Anthony Kavanagh - also featured in tonight's opening episode, singing Don't Dream It's Over (Hey Now) by Crowded House, however none of the panel turned around after a pitchy performance.

Closing the show was's look-a-like Matt Henry, with Will quipping: "You look more like my brother than my brother!" It's no shock that Matt therefore joined team Will to complete the first blind auditions.

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So, after one episode, here's how the teams are shaping up...

[tag]Team Jessie[/tag]
[tag t="Ashley Morgan"]Ash Morgan[/tag]
[tag]Katie Benbow[/tag]
[tag]Danny County[/tag]

[tag]Team Will[/tag]
[tag]Leanne Jarvis[/tag]
[tag]Matt Henry[/tag]

[tag]Team Danny[/tag]
[tag]Andrea Begley[/tag]

[tag]Team Tom[/tag]
[tag]Mike Ward[/tag]

Browse snaps of the first Voice UK 2013 blind auditions below...

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