The Voice 2013: Reggie Yates defends 'diva' Jessie J

The Voice - Reggie Yates

The Voice 2013 host Reggie Yates has defended Jessie J over claims that she's diva on set.

Voice coach Jessie found herself under attack last year over reports suggesting she was a handful behind the scenes on the BBC One show.

One tabloid story even claimed that she had snubbed BBC One boss Danny Cohen during a visit to the set during the live shows.

But Reggie says that young Jessie simply "speaks her mind".

“She’s an outspoken character but I don’t know if I’d call her a diva," he tells Now magazine this week. "I think she speaks her mind and isn’t scared to say what she thinks in the moment.

"And in this day and age when everyone is so nicey nicey, that takes balls. That doesn’t make her a bad person – it’s just how she thinks.”

Reggie confessed that he saw the reports impact Jessie, explaining: “Suddenly, not everyone loved what she was doing. It was a definite shift.

"But at the same time, as a friend of Jessie’s, I’d never tell her to change and I’d never tell her to stop doing what she was doing. She’s the same now as the girl I met when she was 17.”

Speaking at the press launch of The Voice 2013 earlier this month, Jessie herself wasn't so upset about being tagged a diva.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any show on TV where a girl hasn’t had the diva stamp. I see it as some sort of compliment because the original divas were the Shirley Basseys, the Whitney Houstons," she explained.

The 25-year-old added: “I would never ever want anyone to think that’s how I am. Because I’m not. I’m the complete opposite.

"I have eight people in my team – not 50, which is what was said in the papers. But you can’t win, I’ve realised that it happens to women.”

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