The Voice UK: We love! His top lines from the new series

The Voice UK 2013 -

The Voice 2013 burst onto our screens last night and our highlight wasn't any of the acts, but rather!

The Black Eyed Peas star was our favourite on the panel last year and this year he's continuing to provide some brilliant lines, even if they do take us a while to understand what he's going on about.

The dopest reality telly judge coach is quite the breath of fresh air and his comments certainly make difference from the cliches that come from the panels of other shows, and even Will's fellow coaches.

With Sir Tom looking close to falling asleep a lot of the time, Jessie J using any excuse to get up stage and Danny spending most of his time shouting his own name out, Will is our stand out star from The Voice 2013.

Although we realise there's only been on show so far, so there's still time for us to change our minds.

Here's our top lines from Will on The Voice UK...

I wouldn't audition for the voice, no, I wouldn't win

(To Matt Henry) You look more like my brother than my brother! I don't know my dad, I reckon his dad is my dad!

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, probably is a duck.

I'm coming down from the sky like an owl going hoo-hoo-who you going to pick?

Danny is like Luke Skywalker and I'm like Darth Vader... so that means Danny, I am your father.

I ain't trying to sell it, I'm trying to telling it.

You got the highs and the lows, and some fresh clothes.

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