The Voice UK series two: How does it work? All you need to know on the new format!

The Voice UK 2013 coaches

The Voice 2013 kicks off on Saturday nights and here's our guide to how series 2 will work

The BBC1 show has gone under a bit of a makeover for a second run, with show bosses changing the format slightly in a bid to keep us hooked.

Amongst the changes are more blind audition shows, less live shows and a new knockout round.

The Voice 2013 format is made up of four stages; the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, the Knockouts and the
Live Finals. And this year, in an exciting new twist, the Coaches and the Artists get more than one chance to
keep their dreams of winning the competition alive.

What you wear, how you look, your history, your size and your age count for nothing in the Blind Auditions, because the four Coaches have their backs to the stage, so can only base their decisions on what they hear.

If a Coach likes the sound of a voice, they can hit a button which turns their chair and lands that Artist a spot on their team. But...if more than one Coach turns, the power shifts to the Artist, meaning they can now choose which superstar would be the perfect fit for their talent.

If no one turns, the Artist is out of the competition. Each Coach must form a team of 12 Artists, and they'll
use every trick, every name drop, every bit of their own success to persuade the very best to join their team.
Once the teams have been formed, the Coaches must use all their experience and skills to prepare their Artists for the Battle Rounds.

In each Battle, it’s simply, one Song, two Voices, one Winner.

Before the Battles, the Coaches along with trusted fellow pop stars and music industry veterans their Battle Advisors, dedicate themselves to developing their Artists, sharing the secrets of their success and making their team's voices the very best they can be.

In the Battles each Coach must pair up their acts to sing against each other in a vocal showdown to decide who will progress to the next stage.

After each Battle, the Artists' own Coach must decide who will progress to the Knockouts and who to send home.

After each Battle, it's not quite over for the losing Artist. In a dramatic new twist for this series, the Coaches can "Steal" a losing Artist for their own team. So if they missed out on an Artist they loved during the Blind Auditions, now's their chance to finally grab them for their team.

Each Coach can only Steal one Artist during the Battle Rounds, so they'd better make that Steal count. If more than one Coach tries to Steal the same Artist, then they have to pitch to the Artist once again to persuade them to join their team, in the same way as the Blind Auditions.

By the end of the Battles, each Coach will each have seven Artists remaining on their team and from now on, there are no more second chances.

In the Knockouts, the Coaches must reduce their teams of seven down to their top three Artists to progress to the Live Finals. Now, the Artists take control. They will each choose just one “Killer Song” they think will give them the very best chance to impress their Coach and win a spot in the final 12. The Coaches will then
have tough decisions to make as they choose who they want to take through to the Live Finals.

This is the final phase of the contest, and the first time the Artists perform on live television and face the public vote. Every week, the teams will lose one Artist and by the final, one Artist from each team will remain to sing to be crowned winner of The Voice UK 2013.

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