The Voice UK 2012 winner Leanne Mitchell teases debut album

Leanne with Sir Tom

The Voice UK 2012 winner Leanne Mitchell is finally getting around to releasing her debut album, and here's a teaser.

Leanne won the first series of The Voice UK back in June of last year and is now preparing to launch her debut, self-penned record.

Recalling her time on the show, Leanne said this week: “The first time I had to sing in front of the judges, or their backs should I say, it was pretty much the most nerve wracking time of my life.

"When it got to the final I just thought 'Let's try to enjoy it' and I did really enjoy that last day until they told me I was the winner and I suddenly sort of remembered what I was doing.”

Mentored by Sir Tom Jones, Leanne's winners single failed to crack the Top 40, but the former holiday resort entertainer isn't dwelling on the past and is instead excited about the future.

She said: “Eventually it sort of quietened down a little bit, the promo after the show and then I got to go into the studio and then you suddenly remember why you're doing this and realise the opportunity you have now been given.

“I wanted to write an album that was very diverse. I like to sing lots of different types of music, I think I write quite a lot of different types of music as well so I don’t think there's one song that sounds the same as another one on the album which I’m really pleased and proud about.”

She added: “I've worked hard on this album and I've spent a lot of time making it the best I possibly can for the debut album, so I can’t wait to show you and I hope you really like it.

Listen to some teasers of tracks from Leanne's album below...

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