The Voice UK: Less live shows isn't the answer

The Voice UK 2013

The Voice UK 2013 is set to see fewer live shows and more acts, the opposite of what we think needs to change.

There's little denying that there was certainly a format problem with the show when it started on the BBC last year, with ratings nose diving from the end of the battle rounds.

But plans to boost the numbers of contestants seem like a strange decision.

Last year saw 40 acts make it through to the knock out stages while this year 48 will be through.

And with supposedly less live shows - just three - they'll be quickly whittled down in no time.

The biggest issue with the show last year was the shear amount of acts, so many that us viewers never got the chance to get to know them.

Last year's winner Leanne Mitchell performed live just 6 times throughout the show, compare that to X Factor winner James Arthur who had given 15 live performances by the end of the competition.

Rather than squeezing more acts into a shorter show, we want fewer acts and more time to see them perform.

Getting rid of up to four acts a week like last year is not the way to go.

It makes the live shows feel rushed and doesn't give anyone the chance to truly connect with any of the performers.

The decision to cut live shows seems a choice made purely to grab ratings and keep the average viewing figures high, rather than to find a long term fix to the format issues.

The US show has proved that the live shows can work if presented well, with the third season of the American series sticking with six rounds of live finals.

And they also fixed what we considered to be the biggest problem with the live rounds, by having all fo the contestants sing each week.

Let's hope the BBC take note...

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