Singer Takes It All! Alan Carr explains all about his new singing show

The Singer Takes It All presenter Alan Carr

The Singer Takes It All is the new singing contest coming to Channel 4, but just what is it all about?

Hosted by comic Alan Carr, this is a competition that puts quite the spin on the usual.

There's no celebrity panel, sob stories and tense deadlock decisions.

Instead, contestants just sing and us viewers vote, but in real time.

The more they impress throughout their song the further they'll progress in the competition, with us viewers even deciding how much cash they walk away with.

We caught up with Alan to have him explain it all in more detail...

The Singer Takes It All is a talent show with a completely revolutionary concept at its heart, isn’t it?

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve never been involved with anything ground-breaking before! But this really is! That was one of the reasons I signed up to do it. It’s all interactive. Whereas with other shows you’ve got a judging panel and all of that stuff, with this, the people at home are the judge and jury, via this app - they press hit or miss – and that’s what I really like about it.

The show has a very unusual stage. How does it work?

While the singers are performing their song on the show, they’re standing on a conveyer belt called The Track. If you like them, you press ‘hit’, if you don’t you press ‘miss’. The more hits they get, they move towards the gold zone, where they could win up to £15,000. Or, if it’s all ‘Misses’, you could disappear backwards through the flaps to a life of misery. But people can’t vote unless they’ve downloaded the app. Well, they can shout at the telly, but it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference.

How is it determined how much the singers win?

It depends how long they spend in the gold zone, the money keeps going up and up and up while they’re in there. So if you’re belting out a Mariah Carey-style ballad and you’re note perfect, in theory everyone will say “Wow, this is amazing!” and press the hit button. And you can press it every 15 seconds, so if you’re killing the song, wonderful, you’ll go home with a lot of money. But if you’re tone deaf and it’s crap, you’ll go back through the flaps to a life of obscurity.

Some of the singing/talent shows can be a bit self-important. This sounds a bit more fun…

Yeah, we’re not making dreams come true on The singer Takes It All. I almost feel this is a bit more like Eurovision. People will come out and you just don’t know what you’re going to get. Some will be brilliant, some will be less than brilliant, and some will just be a bit bonkers. We’re not giving anyone a record deal at the end of this. It’s basically just a really fun singing show, except on this one the Great British public is the judge and jury. And there’s a live audience, everyone’s up for it, I’ll have a celebrity singer with me to give guidance and feedback. But I think, if you’re coming on this show, I wouldn’t book the Albert Hall just yet. We’re not looking for the next superstar.

The Singer Takes It All

When it’s the public voting people onto the show, there’s every chance you’ll end up with some of the more eccentric characters?

Oh I’m expecting sabotage! I know there will be lots of people just putting people through to the show because they want to see people disappear through the flaps. But I think once it settles in and people get into the spirit of the whole thing, I think it’ll be very entertaining. Everyone I’ve spoken to about it has had a smile on their face when I explain the show to them.

What made you want to get involved?

When they said it was a singing show, I thought “No, no, no!” But when I saw this app, I thought it felt really different. The thing with talent shows is you do quite often get the same old people turning up – like that woman on Briatin’s Got Talent this year who won Spain’s Got Talent last year. But this is different. It’s more like karaoke. We’re not saying “Ten million records.” If you can hiold a tune, come down. It’s got the same feel to is as when you do karaoke down the pub. There’s no pressure, just come and have a go. And there’s all of that rubbish on the talent shows of “I don’t lie you…[pause]… I LOVE you!” “You’re a dark horse.” “This competition just got exciting.” Here isn’t any of that, it’s stripped bare. Nobody’s cat has just died.

The Singer Takes It All starts at 9PM on Channel 4, Friday August 1.

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