The Singer Takes It All app released - vote for contestants now!

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Channel 4 has today launched a new mobile app for The Singer Takes It All, allowing users to choose contestants to sing for a huge cash prize.

The upcoming karaoke gameshow - hosted by comedian Alan Carr - will feature hopefuls performing on an 18 metre-long conveyor belt.

The twist is that, for the first time in the UK, viewers will be able to use an app to vote for each singer in real time.

Before the show airs, users of the app can watch short clips of potential contestants and deem them either a 'Hit' or a 'Miss' - with the most popular being invited to perform live on telly.

Then, during the C4 broadcasts, viewers will vote on each performer to decide whether the belt moves them forward to the 'gold zone' - or backwards through a double door, eliminating them from the competition.

The singer who does the best in each episode will take to the track one more time, as viewers decide whether or not they should take home the prize.

The Singer Takes It All app screenshots

Carr joked: " I’ve never been involved in anything ground-breaking before! This app makes people at home the judge and jury, and I love that aspect of it.

"If you don’t get the app, you don’t have any influence on what happens on the show. Of course, you could try shouting at the telly instead, but it won’t make a blind bit of difference."

The free app is now available for iOS devices from the Apple App Store - but Android users needn't worry, as it will also be added to Google Play 'very soon'.

It was created by show producers Endemol UK - who are also behind the pioneering second-screen quiz The Million Pound Drop - and developed by Chunk.

The Singer Takes It All begins on Friday August 1st on Channel 4.

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