Amy Childs up for return to The Only Way is Essex

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has revealed she would be up for a return to The Only Way Is Essex.

The red haired reality telly star quit the show after two series, entering into Celebrity Big Brother before getting her own Channel 5 reality series.

But with that show a flop, it sounds like Amy is hoping to get back on TOWIE.

"I've always said never say never with TOWIE," she told DigitalSpy this week. "You never know, if it comes back in ten years again, I could be going back on it.

"TOWIE's a good show. I wouldn't go back on it now, but maybe one day the [ex-cast] of TOWIE could come back and I'll be one of them."

Amy also blasted her "haters", describing them as "a bit jel."

She told the website: "I think that we've proved to everybody that we've done well from being in a reality TV programme.

"We've worked hard. It's not been given to us. All the haters, I think they're just a bit jel."

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