TOWIE gossip: Arg and Lydia clash in latest episode

Lydia Bright

Arg and Lydia lock horns in the latest episode of The Only Way Is Essex this weekend.

The argument follows comments Arg made to girlfriend Gemma last week.

"Some of the things you say does upset me and I don’t find it funny," Gemma tells Arg. "You have said some stupid things that messes my head up and makes me feel unconfident.”

He replies: "Listen I am so, so sorry that I make you feel that way OK. Yes I put my foot it in some times, but I don’t think it’s anything we can’t sort out.”

Gemma adds: "I look in the mirror now and I have got in the back of me head you going I look like Vanessa Feltz.” (Gemma)

Gemma turns to Lydia, Arg's ex, for advice.

"When I was with James I felt really low and controlled, when I saw you upset last week it sank my heart, stay strong" says Lydia to Gemma

But when Arg gets involve, all hell breaks loose.

"Last time you spoke to me you insulted both me and Gemma, why are you over here trying to be friendly?" asks Arg

This starts an almighty row between Lydia and Arg as Gemma looks on.

"I cannot stand you, you're doing to her what you did to me" says Lydia to Arg

TOWIE airs on ITV2 on Sunday at 10PM.

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