TOWIE news: Cast 'threaten to walk off show' over pay and conditions


The cast of The Only Way Is Essex are threatening to go on strike over pay and conditions.

The TOWIE stars have claimed that they're underpaid and overworked by the show's production team.

The show is famously filmed close to transmission, with hours of footage being cut down to just 45 minutes on a Wednesday and Sunday.

Some days of filming can last as long as 13 hours, with the stars getting £80 a day.

According to The Sun, some cast members walked off set on Sunday night, while others have complained over scenes being "dropped" from the final edit of the show.

“A lot of the cast members have been complaining about how hard they are worked for little money," a source told the newspaper. "On Sunday a lot of them put in a 13-hour day and later found their scenes had been dropped. There are a lot of unhappy stars at the moment.”

TOWIE returns to ITV2 on Sunday night.

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